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We have huge variety off seasonal plants from small pot plants to huge trees

Hardy shrubs

We have massive range from small dwarf conifers, olive trees, rhodies, roses, photinia's pieris the list goes on & on


Grasses create a beautiful, soft & contemporary display adding texture & height. Can range from small ornamental grass to large Bamboo. 


Fruit trees & bushes are a great addition to any garden. Providing beautiful spring flowers and fresh fruit. Easy to grow


Ornamental & specimen shrubs create a depth & height to a border. Contrasting colours and shapes create an impresive display

Bedding plants

Beautiful summer colour. A cheap and easy way to brighten up the borders, hanging baskets and containers.

Herbaceous plants

Herbaceous plants are the most colourful in any garden. They grow in many different colours & shapes. With prolific flowers. Die away in the winter and pop back to life in late spring.


A hedge not only provides security but also gives a beautiful back drop to your garden. There are many different varieties of hedging and a huge array of colours

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